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Ulliance takes a closer look at the issues that matters to your life and your business; bringing you information and helpful tips to improve leadership and business management.
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At Ulliance, we understand your human resources challenges. We provide the answers you need, helping your organization enhance people and improve business.
Feb 8, 2018

What if you had an extra $5 to spend on your career? An extra $100? $1000?! Our Good to Know panel offers their take on how to invest 5, 100 and 1000 dollars in a career.

0:07 Introductions

1:26 Jason believes every good career starts with caffeine

2:00 Jessica visits with a mentor

3:36 Steve want to pay it forward

5:38 Jessica has great tips for free or low-cost investments

6:24 The panel goes off the rails talking about Little Caesar's 

9:05 Jason recommends starting a project to enhance your skills

10:24 Jessica is a proponent of gaining knowledge, anyway you can

12:14 Our buddy Doug buys a bag

15:30 The value of certifications

18:35 Join a group or enroll in a class

21:43 The panelists discuss their best investments

Jan 8, 2018

Note: during the podcast, the panel [read: Steve] incorrectly refers to Martin Seligman, Ph.D. as Leo.  His name is Martin Seligman and the panel (primarily Steve) apologizes for any confusion. (it was totally Steve) 

:07 Intro

1:30 defining optimism

13:35 a deeper dive into Martin Seligman’s philosophy (not Leo, sorry!)

18:32 why you need a good mix different levels of optimism for different positions

20:30 Steve rates the panel’s degree of optimism

27:47 How the panel re-energizes their optimism

32:42 Things to avoid to maintain your optimism

36:32 Can a pessimist become optimistic?

37:40 What is a manager’s role in developing optimism?

Feb 23, 2017

How do you stage your day for success?  Our panel shares their personal tips for having a successful day by starting off on the right foot!

00:13 Intro

01:25 Morning people vs night owls

02:57 Jason starts his day with a coffee break

04:02 Having a routine can help structure your day

04:33 A positive orientation helps guide your mood

05:09 Steve doesn’t “start” his day until he’s in the office

07:15 Have what you need, handy and available

07:36 The early bird really does get the worm

08:09 Jessica needs her tea to geared up

08:43 Start working from bed?!  Works for some!

10:35 Your stage of life also determines your work-life balance

13:33 Tips specific for managers and supervisors

14:28 Steve agrees with Jessica, where you’re at in life impacts your time management

15:11 Helps not to catastrophize things, keep a good perspective

17:14 How you define productivity can influence your time management too

18:40 Good tips to end the day?  Clean yo desk!

19:35 Power down your machines!

20:25 Steve cleans out his in-box

21:04 Change into your play clothes!

Feb 8, 2017

Welcome to Season 3!  Join us as we discuss the merits of delegating; why we do it, what to consider, when not to, and special tips for new managers. 

00:13 Introductions

1:00 Some delegate to refocus, make better use of resources, make opportunities or because there’s too much to do.

1:35 Steve can also see delegation as “dumping.”

4:21 Jason sees managers both never delegating and always delegating

5:45 Jessica recognizes the nature of the group impacting the nature of delegation

8:25 Delegation may be more than specific tasks

9:38 The importance of delegating with clarity

13:35 Delegation can also add collaboration, ownership

15:50 The difference between delegating a task vs. talent

17:47 The value of projecting forward when delegating

19:40  When do you never delegate?

21:48 When the panelists benefited from having projects delegated to them

27:35  What should a new manager know about delegating?

Dec 19, 2016

The Good to Know Panel sit down one last time for the 2016 season and reflect on the year while having a laugh among friends at the same time. 

0:24 Introductions

2:36 What was your resolution?

4:58 What was your biggest professional challenge?

14:28 How do you slow down time (in a good way)?

27:34 Saying goodbye and giving thanks

29:14 How well do you know each other, The Game!

35:19 How to win your won awesome prize!

Nov 18, 2016

Pressed for time?  To-do list getting out of hand?  We'll help you rethink what it means to be "too busy" and offer smart alternatives for the active professional. 

Oct 26, 2016

Getting someone to stop an unwanted behavior can be challenging for even the most experienced leader.  Listen in as the GTK panel details those tenants of effective limit setting while not burning bridges. 

Oct 12, 2016

Having a sense of self awareness is not only healthy for you as an individual, it is essential to lead others and for your business.  The GTK panel examines what it takes to hone this vital skill.

0:13 Introductions

1:19 Steve relates an exercise to increase self-awareness

2:07 Defines self-awareness as knowing thoughts and feelings about thoughts

2:21 Jason relates self-awareness to continuous self-improvement

3:41 Jessica links self-awareness to emotional intelligence

5:36 How self-awareness can lead to thoughtful action

6:15 But action without self-awareness can be dangerous

6:58 The ultimate goal of being self-aware while deciding how to act

8:26 Self-awareness also helps you understand your team

9:24 Self-awareness can help in the hiring process

12:15 We’re not born with this skill and it must be developed

13:49 Jessica likes a coach to provide feedback

15:36 It’s not whether or not one is self-aware, but where they can see and where they are blind

16:16 Decisions journals as a means of developing self-awareness

16:48 It takes deliberate dedication to advance this skill

17:14 Ulliance uses the company Medication Works to help develop self-awareness

18:46 Using Strengths Finder 2.0 to assess where you are

20:25 Jessica uses safe spaces with direct reports looking to enhance self-awareness

21:07 Steve says it’s not his job

24:07 Jason says work with nature, not against it

Sep 24, 2016

Too many businesses never recover following a disaster so your Good to Know Panel explores important steps to prepare for a disaster and how to recover.

0:13 Introductions

0:44 Lessons from debriefing, development of bug out bag

2:50 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

3:50 Plan and practice your plan

4:50 Re-evaluate your plan constantly

5:40 Make sure your priorities make sense are clearly communicated and are coordinated

7:40 Address the human component, don’t ignore the basics

9:40 Tips from the Hartland Deerfield Fire Authority

11:56 Lynda recalls why children need special attention when the smoke alarms go off

12:33 Practice at home too!

14:02 The GTK panel recalls their own experiences with disasters

Sep 12, 2016

Too many businesses never recover following a disaster so your Good to Know Panel explores important steps to prepare for a disaster and how to recover.

0:13 Introductions

1:05 How Ulliance averted a bigger disaster following their real one

4:07 Plan on when disaster strikes, not if

4:37 Matt relates a story of how disaster can come from anywhere, anytime

5:11 The value of debriefing following the execution of your disaster plan

8:17 What HR really needs to focus on in when considering a plan

11:30 Don’t neglect the emotional impact on your employees!

14:20 If you think you’re immune, especially plan for it!

Aug 23, 2016

Aunt May said, "There's a hero in all of us" so don your cape and cast aside mediocrity as the GTK panel applies superhero strength and focus to leadership. 

1:15 The panel discusses how their favorite superheroes have evolved from the camp of the 60’s and 70’s to the dark and serious tones of recent years and striking an entertaining balance.

2:43  Jessica discusses how Wonder Woman came to be an important figure in her life.

4:14  The origin story of Wonder Woman teaches us the importance of taking ownership over your goals and demonstrating your actual worth.

5:44  The panel discusses the public’s reaction to the Batman vs. Superman movie and some differences between DC vs. Marvel comics.

8:40  Kamal reveals why Nick Fury is a personal hero and the importance of managers keeping the team goals in sight at all times.

11:25:  Jason likes turtles.

13:36  Jason reinforces the importance to keeping up your confidence and tackling issues one step at a time.

15:24  Matt is reminded that superheroes and team leaders alike need a support system.

Aug 10, 2016

Successful people have learned how to make themselves do the thing that needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether they feel like it or not.  Our committed panel of professionals offers solid tips to help develop your sense of self-discipline.

0:32       Introductions

1:55       Delayed gratification; the marshmallow effect

2:37       How the team found inspiration and motivation throughout their self-discipline journeys

8:16       Where to begin practicing self-discipline

10:52     Two schools of thought in defining discipline

13:00     Do the worst first; managing demanding goals and tasks

16:22     The importance of self-awareness; identifying distractions and temptations

21:15     How management can enable employees to reach their full potential in practicing self-discipline

26:30     Develop new habits that will empower you to accomplish your self-discipline goals as a leader

29:03     Set realistic expectations for your employees

30:21     The advantage of using Situational Leadership to guide employee behavior

Jul 25, 2016

Tired of all the interruptions?  How do you refocus afterwards?  The GTK panel shares their best tips to help avoid those "repeat offenders" and get back on task!

0:19 Introductions

0:50 Preemptive strike; strategies to avoid interruptions

2:26 How the availability of a remote office can help leaders stay focused

3:58 Embracing and managing interruptions in an organized, solution-focused manner

6:40 The importance of having a time management "parking lot"

7:55 Creating boundaries for the appropriateness of interruptions

11:11 Dealing with "repeat offenders"; understanding and managing the behavior behind the interruption

17:53 Recovering from unexpected interruptions

19:26 What you can do to avoid interrupting others

Jul 12, 2016

We pick up with our discussion regarding the use of "fad questions" and the GTK panel shares their best practices to make the best hire.

0:13       Introductions

0:33       Trendy interview questions and what they can reveal about your candidates

1:37       The importance of cultural fit and organizational cohesion

2:35       Why fit needs to be mutual for both the hiring manager and the candidate

3:39       Interpreting a candidate’s investment level in both the position and the organization

5:57       Determining a strategy for pre-employment assessments in the hiring process

8:27       The challenge with candidate’s who mislead or misdirect an interviewer

11:07     Dealing with no-shows and late candidates

12:18     Managing an interview with a candidate who doesn’t understand the position/role

13:30     When neither side feels the position is a good fit

Jun 15, 2016

Ever wonder what they say after the interview?  Listen in as the GTK panel discusses the highs and lows of interviewing candidates.

0:13       Introductions

0:48       The manager’s challenge; what leaders experience as interviewers in the hiring process

1:39       The thrill of the hunt; finding the best candidate for the job

2:30       Tackling an interview as a new manager and first-time interviewer

3:08       The role of the interview in determining organization and job fit

4:28       What behaviorally-based questions can tell you about your candidates

5:57       Three factors to focus on when hiring new team members

6:45       Two questions that can reveal a candidate’s hidden potential

9:01       The importance of a manger’s ability to recognize and engage a candidate’s unique talents

10:09     The advantages of utilizing pre-employment assessment

12:27     The importance of understanding the questions you’re asking

May 24, 2016

Burnout can be avoided if you take precautionary steps and maintain a healthy work / life balance.  Our panelists discuss their favorite proven methods to beat burnout.  

0:13 Introductions

0:46 Strategies a new supervisor can take to prevent employee burnout

1:56 Ulliance's eight dimensions of wellness

3:11 The importance of a manager's ability to recognize and appropriately respond to burnout among their employees

5:27 What you can do as a leader to create a supportive environment

7:09 What you can do as an employee to beat burnout

11:04 The team's personal strategies and advice for beating burnout

12:40 How self-awareness and self-regulation can help

13:48 Identifying available resources for employee burnout prevention

May 10, 2016

You can save time, money and energy; avoid hiring these 3 types of applicants!  The Good to Know panel shares their experiences in who to avoid when going through the process of filling your vacant positions.  

0:13       Introductions

0:51       How leaders can determine the criteria for success in a given role

1:20       Teachable versus unteachable skills; identifying Poor Fit candidates (#1)

4:33       Identifying and measuring key competencies or KSAOs for success in the position

8:10       Managing a candidate who creates unnecessary work for the hiring team

8:48       Resumes, technology, and the Unprofessional Communicator (#2)

11:55     What managers can interpret as red flag signs of the Sloppy Employee (#3)

Apr 26, 2016

Ulliance supports "Take Your Kid to Work Day."  It can be a great opportunity for kids to broaden their horizons.  In this special podcast, we visit with the children of Ulliance employees who brought their kids to work and reveal some ageless wisdom. 

0:18       Introductions

1:25       Meet 6-year-old Sydney

2:55       Sydney talks about her dream job, her mom’s job, and her table-team job at school

3:59       Sydney’s strategies for self-control and motivation

4:56       Sydney shares her talents and love of Taco Tuesday

5:57       Sydney teaches us about fashion and confidence

7:21       Meet 9-year-old Aden & 8-year-old Liam

8:13       Aden discusses the importance of practice and determination in skill improvement

9:21       Liam talks about where he sees his strengths

9:45       Aden & Liam discuss their dad’s career path

10:32     Aden & Liam explain their ideal first job and future career goals

14:07     Aden talks about the importance of working well with others and reaching out to make new connections

15:53     Aden & Liam share their favorite movies

17:25     Meet 13-year-old Elizabeth

18:10     Elizabeth talks about her passions, career goals, and the importance of volunteering

19:44     Elizabeth tells us about her mom’s job and how she helps her mom’s business thrive

20:29     Elizabeth shares her ideal first job and how it will kick-start her career

21:14     Elizabeth reveals her results on a career test and her reactions to those results

23:17     Elizabeth explains how her career class guides and assists her and her peers

24:02     Elizabeth gives us some advice on taking care of our pets

Mar 15, 2016

No office can be 100% drama- free.  Learn how to dethrone the drama queen in your organization today!

0:13       Introductions

1:38       Drama queens defined

3:02       Why managers may not recognize drama queens during the hiring process

5:04       Understanding and disarming overly dramatic behavior

6:52       Creating a culture of awareness; identifying different types of drama queens

9:13       The most dangerous type of drama queen and their effect on productivity

10:48     Leadership initiatives for confronting gossip and dramatic behavior

12:25     How an environment of open communication can get to the root of the problem

15:07     Challenges managers need to overcome in order to effectively defuse drama queens

17:23     Strategies for intervening during episodes of dramatic behavior

Feb 18, 2016

You reboot your computer when it's malfunctioning, but what to do when it's your team?  The GTK panel has great tips to refocus and revitalize your team.

0:13       Introductions

1:07       The importance of randomized quality checks

1:35       Factors that influence the need for organizational or departmental change

2:56       How leadership can build trust and create awareness throughout the reboot process

3:34       The importance of focused and effective team building

5:46       Identifying the root of the problem; is a reboot what you really need?

6:41       How managements’ use of the term “team building” can be misleading

8:25       The effect of change for the sake of change on employee engagement and morale

10:06     The importance of creating and communicating a rationale and well-defined goals for reboot

11:04     Initiating the reboot process; the leader’s role versus the employee’s role

13:38     What a manager can do to facilitate employee investment in change

17:21     Summary of leadership best practices for rebooting your team

Feb 10, 2016

Are your goals dying an early death?  The Good to Know panel takes a look at what you can do see your goals through to the end.

0:13       Introductions

1:23       S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting and why New Year’s resolutions typically fail

2:56       The importance of measureable, well-defined goals

4:05       Balancing the ebb and flow of life’s daily challenges while maintaining new goals

6:13       The significance of creating personalized, meaningful goals

7:45       What you can do to integrate new goals with established habits

10:04     Anticipating the fall out; strategies to keep yourself accountable

12:43     The importance of framing your goals with purpose and intent

15:06     Staying motivated; how to create an environment of commitment

16:43     What identifying your triggers can do to help you attain your goals

Feb 2, 2016

Our ever ready panel kicks off Season 2 of the Good to Know Podcast with an exploration into the effects romance can have on your office and team. 

00:13 Introductions

00:56 Jessica provides a good example of how office relationships can wreak havoc on your team and organization. 

02:24 A discussion on using Policy and Procedures to head off potential problems.

03:04  Keeping it real; what you can reasonable expect of your human employees.

03:20  Steve and Susan share the best decisions they ever made.

04:49  Drama – it’s not just for romantic couples anymore.

05:35  Clear boundaries help avoid exploitation.

06:55  How Managers can help their employee develop better boundaries.

09:27  Special consideration for 1st time managers.

11:10  Steve revisits the concept that we don’t have to act on all our impulses.

11:53  How much do we really need to know about the personal lives of our employees?

17:41  Be aware of the differences in company culture.

18:58  Provide training especially when dealing with international issues.

Jan 25, 2016

Enjoy this bonus material and the Good to Know Podcast will return 2-2-16 for an all new season!

0:50       Introductions

1:03       Skills that make a good customer service rep

1:46       How to effectively address mistakes mending relationships versus fixing problems

3:57       The customer is always right; true or false?

5:12       Managing the dual roles of sales and customer service

6:22       Challenges and advantages of a blended background

Jan 12, 2016

The Good to Know panel is on a short hiatus as we prepare for season 2!  Listen in on this bonus interview with the a few of the Ulliance Account Managers as we discuss what good customer service looks like.  The Good to Know Podcast returns February 2nd for season 2.  Join us!

1:23       Introductions

2:35       What it means to be an Account Manager at Ulliance

3:25       Defining “high-touch” customer service

6:53       Tips for making a positive “stand-out” impression on your customers

7:54       The importance of attention to detail

8:23       What you can do to be a great customer service provider

Dec 29, 2015

It's the end of the year and time to reflect on creating the Good to Know Podcast; the highs, the lows and the lessons we've learned.

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